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Want to save time and make pet owners happy?

Products from QSM Diagnostics allow veterinarians to diagnose faster and with less work.

Want test results ready to review as you are examining an animal?

QSM Testing Kit in a box

With FetchDx Mail-In Test Kits, you can have results ready before the day of the visit. Have the pet owner collect a sample and mail it to QSM Diagnostics when they make an appointment. We'll get the results to you in less than a week.

Do you know when Pseudomonas is present in a dog's ear?

QSM Testing Component

The QSM Difference

Our on-demand diagnostics empower veterinarians and provide peace of mind to dog owners by delivering test results faster and with less work. 

Advantages of our industry-leading technology:



All of our products are independently validated by leading scientists and reference laboratories to ensure trustworthy results. 



When a patient is in pain, you don't have time to wait around for results. Our diagnostic instruments work differently than traditional laboratory techniques for detecting bacterial infections, so you can get results to pet owners in less than a day!

Walking with Dogs


The OTTER eQ is an advanced tool designed to help veterinarians diagnose and monitor bacterial infections in dogs and cats. For your convenience, it doesn't require any software to operate. You run the test and see the results in the Google Chrome browser. The results are automatically stored in the cloud. 


Start using QSM Diagnostics products in your clinic today!

Want to learn more? 

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