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Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

Mail-In Testing

Finding time to examine animals is getting harder every day. 

Why Use FetchDx by QSM Diagnostics?


Studies show that samples collected by pet owners at home provide the same results as samples collected in the clinic.

Unique Engagement

Pet owners feel helpless waiting for a visit. Testing at home empowers pet owners to help their suffering pet and gets results to the vet sooner.

Save Time

There is a national shortage of techs and veterinarians. Staff in clinics are busier than ever. Having the pet owner collect and submit the sample saves valuable time and resources.

Select the right kit

QSM Diagnostics offers several kits with different test options through its FetchDx brand. Whether you want basic testing done ahead of the initial visit or advanced diagnostics to determine if a follow-up visit is required, we have the product for you! Learn more about our specific kits by selecting below.

Accuracy Guaranteed!

If you ever suspect that the test results from a sample collected by the pet owner are not correct, we will pay for a new test. Just collect a sample from the animal and send it to our lab for analysis for free.

Place an Order Today!

No contracts! Order kits when you need them. Our ear kit has a shelf life of one year and our other kits are good for 3 years. Our prices are similar to what reference labs charge clinics. 

Veterinarian examining dog

Ear Testing Kit

Don't want to carry inventory?

Now you can have clients purchase the kits directly from pet owner site at the same price that you offer at the clinic. Enroll your clinic today and send your clients to our website to fulfill the order. You will receive a prescribing rebate each month based on the number of kits sold to your clients.

Can I trust the results?

Yes! Our team of scientists has rigorously validated every aspect of the testing process used in our kits. There are many misconceptions about diagnostic testing.

Urinalysis results are accurate even after the sample has been sitting at room temperature for 48 hours, including microscopic crystal analysis [1].

Accurate culture ID and sensitivity results can be obtained from free catch samples. In fact, C&S helps determine if bacteria detected during urinalysis are pathogens or contamination. Commensal bacteria found on the fur and skin of animals is generally different than pathogenic strains that cause infections. The amount of bacteria in contaminated urine samples is 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you suspect that a sample result that your client collected is incorrect, have the client bring their pet to your clinic and your staff can collect a sample and run it yourself. We will reimburse you for the testing costs when you send us your results. 

Still not convinced? Try it Yourself for Free

You can try one of our ear or dog urine kits for free! Request your sample here.

Limit one kit per clinic.

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