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Two Happy Dogs

Fecal Kit for Dogs and Cat

Fecal Float for Parasites & Ova PLUS Giardia ELISA

Why Use Mail-In Fecal Tests?

For routine monitoring

For high risk pets, fecal testing should be completed multiple times per year. Provide a set of kits to pet owners to run regularly.

Spectrum of care

Sell our kits to clients that have a difficult time bringing their pets to your clinic.

When client calls clinic

Get testing completed before the visit when a client calls about a GI, urinary tract, or ear issue.

Fecal Ova & Parasites with Giardia

The FetchDx Fecal Sample Kit allows for: 

  • Ova and Parasite testing via centrifugation

  • Giardia ELISA testing for both dogs and cats

  • Results to be obtained prior to a pet’s annual wellness exam

  • Results Within 24 hours of receiving the sample

  • Results Shared via Email

Don't want to carry inventory?

Now you can have clients purchase the kits directly from pet owner site at the same price that you offer at the clinic. Enroll your clinic today and send your clients to our website to fulfill the order. You will receive a prescribing rebate each month based on the number of kits sold to your clients.

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