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Register today to get a free cat urinalysis with reflex culture and sensitivity kit for your practice!

Veterinarians, are you looking to improve outcomes for dogs suffering with ear or urinary tract infections?


Try FetchDx mail-in testing kits from QSM Diagnostics with your clients. Pet owners collect the samples and send them to QSM Diagnostics for analysis. We send you the results and you decide how to proceed with diagnosis and treatment. 


Sign up today for your free kit* and get $10 off your first purchase at!

*Limited to clinics located in the United States.


Cat Urinalysis with Reflex Culture & Sensitivity Mail-In Kit

All QSM Urine test kits come with a complete urinalysis test. The culture & censitivity test is run when there are signs of infection in the urinalysis results and identifies all bacterial that are causing a urinary tract infection (UTI) as well as the antibiotics needed to treat them. The kit can also be used to determine if the infection is cleared up and when it is safe to stop administering the antibiotics.

FetchDX Test Kit
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