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How to schedule a one-time FedEx pickup for your Mail-In kit.

Three Easy Steps

Use the three steps below to schedule your one time pickup:

Step 1

Call FedEx at 1.800.463.3339. You will be asked a few questions.

FedEx: "In a few words, please tell me what you calling about..."

Your Answer: "FedEx Express return pickup"

FedEx: "is the word "stamp" written anywhere on your return label?"

Your Answer: "No"

FedEx: "Please say or enter the tracking number on your return label."

Your Answer: "Say or enter the tracking number"

FedEx: "...Your package was delivered to 1447 York Court, is in the address for the pick up?

Your Answer: "No"

You will then be transferred to a live agent. Some questions may be repetitive for verification.

Once you are transferred to a live agent, please remind the agent that you would like to schedule a FedEx Express return pickup and you have the label and tracking number.

Step 2

To be completed with the agent

• Phone number at pick up location

• Pickup location full address

• Number of packages to be picked up, and approximate weight

• The day of the pick up, When will it be ready, and how late we can pick up.

Step 3

Note the confirmation pickup number provided. Also, make note of the 12-digit tracking number.

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