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"Participate Don’t ​Precipitate: ​Solutions in Telemedicine"  

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

QSM Diagnostics and Empowering Veterinary Teams (EVT) recently co-hosted a webinar called "Participate Don’t Precipitate: Solutions in Telemedicine".

During the discussion, the guest speakers, which included QSM Diagnostics CEO Edgar Goluch, Aaron Smiley, Amy Bowman VMD, and Alyssa Mages BS, CVT talked about all things telemedicine.

You will learn about:

• The difference between Telemedicine and Teletriage

• Why Telemedicine is becoming increasingly important to veterinarians

• Some Telemedicine Myths and Truths

• Some cool new products that can help with Telemedicine

If you didn't have a chance to see it live you can access the recording below (Passcode: U2?FS1xo) and claim your 1 hour of FREE RACE-Approved CE credit.

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