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"An Innovative Method to Diagnose Common Bacterial Infections" - New RACE approved webinar

Quorum Sensing Molecule webinar with DVM360

Have you heard of Quorum Sensing Molecules?

Well, we love them so much, QSM Diagnostics, Inc is named after them!

And if you need to get more familiar with why QSMs are so important, you're going to want to watch our recent webinar with dvm360® featuring guest speaker Jennifer Quammen DVM, MPH.

When you watch "An innovative method to diagnose common bacterial infections", which is approved for 30 minutes RACE CE.

You'll learn:

✅ What quorum sensing molecules are and how they can be used for rapid diagnostic testing in animals.

✅ How adherence to medical recommendations can increase with at home testing options

✅ Methods to improve patient outcomes while simultaneously considering judicious use of antimicrobials.

Don't miss it! Click here to register and watch. Watch at the link below.

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