Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

FetchDx Mail-In Testing

Finding time to examine animals is getting harder every day. 

Why Use FetchDx?


Studies show that samples collected by pet owners at home provide the same results as samples collected in the clinic.

Unique Engagement

Pet owners feel helpless waiting for a visit. Testing at home empowers the pet owner to help their  suffering pet and gets results to the vet sooner.

Save Time

There is a national shortage of techs and veterinarians. Staff in clinics are busier than ever. Having the pet owner collect and submit the sample saves time.

Select the right kit

QSM Diagnostics offers several kits through its FetchDx brand. Whether you want basic testing done ahead of the initial visit or advanced diagnostics to determine if a follow-up visit is required, we have the product for you!


Don't want to carry inventory?

Now you can have clients purchase the kits directly from pet owner site FetchDx.com at the same price that you offer at the clinic. Enroll your clinic today and send your clients to our website to fulfill the order. You will receive a prescribing rebate each month based on the number of kits sold to your clients.