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The Perfect Prescription Companion

Mail-in bacteria testing kits for veterinarians.

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QSM Diagnostics is fundamentally changing how veterinarians diagnose and treat bacterial infections in pets with easy to use, quick & accurate mail-in testing kits using Quorum Sensing Technology.

Our FetchDx mail-in testing kits allow you to see if your prescribed treatment protocol is working before recommending a follow up visit.

Our kits are perfect for:


Monitoring Medications

Chronic Conditions

Improved Compliance

A testing solution for all your needs

QSM Diagnostics offers several kits with different test options through its FetchDx brand. Whether you want basic testing done ahead of the initial visit or advanced diagnostics to determine if a follow-up visit is required, we have the product for you! Learn more about our specific kits by selecting below.

Select the right kit

Why use FetchDx?


Trustworthy results guaranteed. Our tests are validated by top scientists and reference labs for unmatched accuracy and reliability.


Take control of testing with QSM Diagnostics. Start diagnostics when you schedule the visit, and have results ready for examination, avoiding pet owners' helpless waiting.​

Save Time

With more pet owners seeking veterinary services, time management is crucial. QSM Diagnostics offers efficient and reliable testing solutions to ease the workload and improve productivity for veterinary professionals.

Interested in learning more about FetchDx mail-in test kits?

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