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QSM Diagnostics - 2023 A Year in Review

QSM Diagnostics year in review

2023 is about to wrap up so we want to take some time to look back on all the updates, partnerships, enhancements, and awards that QSM Diagnostics celebrated throughout the year.

Features and Products

Drop Shipping Now Available!

  • You can now purchase one of our FetchDx mail-in kits on and have it sent directly to the pet owners address.  The clinic simply invoices the client for the kit. Plus, we now offer next day air return, so the test results will be ready in the same amount of time as any major lab.

New Postcard Reminders for Mail-In Kits!

  • Want to let your patients know they can have their test results in hand before your next appointment?  Give them a friendly reminder with our new flyers that can be mailed or handed out during a visit.

The QSM Diagnostics Team Got Bigger!

We welcomed some new members to our team!  

  • JoElla Barnes -  Director of Operations

  • Tom Knutson - Vice President of Business Development

  • Zahra Panahi - Director of Engineering



We created many new distribution partnerships this year to help expand the reach of our products.

  • The strategic collaboration enables veterinarians to effectively use new technologies and make the most of diagnostic solutions.

  • Aside from providing access to QSM’s suite of diagnostic tools, the partnership will provide veterinary professionals with training programs and additional resources that allow them to effectively use new technologies and make the most of diagnostic solutions.

  • Partnership with the U.S Regional Distributor will help expand reach of QSM's suite of diagnostic tools to veterinary community

  • This agreement will increase our company’s channel partnerships bringing suite of diagnostic tools to west coast veterinary clinics


Speaking Engagements and Events

Panel Presentation:

QSM Diagnostics, Inc Founder and CEO Edgar Goluch presented as part of a panel discussion at the Petcare Innovation show in LA!

Sponsored DVM360 Webinar with guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Quammen

(Approved for 30 minutes RACE CE)

"An innovative method to diagnose common bacterial infections"

Sponsored Webinar with PetsApp

"Cracking the Code: QSM and the Future of Diagnosis"

During this panel discussion three industry leaders discussed the changes they are seeing in diagnostic testing and how those changes are leading to better medicine.



QSM traveled the country this past year from coast to coast. It was wonderful meeting so many new people and visiting with current customers and partners.

conference 2

Here are just a few of the places we visited over the course of 2023.

  1. VMX - Orlando, FL

  2. WVC - Las Vegas, NV

  3. Fetch DVM360 - Charlotte, Kansas City, Atlantic City, and Long Beach

  4. SWVC - San Antonio, TX

  5. AAFP Annual Conference - Memphis, TN

  6. And so many more!

We are excited about all we accomplished in 2023 and are looking forward to what's ahead in 2024!

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