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QSM Diagnostics - The Gold Standard in Pet Diagnostics

Every veterinarian wants to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Which is why it’s important to ensure the diagnostic tools you use to check for bacterial infections are of the highest quality, providing accurate, trustworthy, and actionable results.

At QSM Diagnostics we are raising the bar on the standard of care for companion animals with our Gold Standard mail-in and in-clinic tests.

What makes our mail-in and in-clinic diagnostic tests Gold Standard?

  1. Detailed, Actionable Results

    1. Our tests identify the bacterial cause during the first round of testing, ensuring better diagnosis and antibiotic stewardship.

  2. Patented Technology

    1. Our patented sensor technology selectively and specifically detects QSM secreted by bacterial cells directly in the sample fluid.

  3. Wider Selection of Tests

    1. Ear, Urine, Fecal, and Wound mail-in kits available as well as our in-clinic Otter eQ Instrument for Pseudomonas.

  4. Going Above and Beyond

    1. Culture and sensitivity provided with all tests

  5. Excellent Communication

    1. Veterinarians automatically get test results within 2 days of testing.

  6. Strict Lab Requirement

    1. GLP laboratory standards followed.

At QSM Diagnostics, we are committed to producing the most accurate and convenient products possible for veterinarians and their pet patients.

Learn more about how our Gold Standard products can benefit your practice today.

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