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QSM OTTER eQ created all the buzz at VMX

Updated: May 12, 2022

Maybe I should say QSM created a “squeak” instead of a buzz (get it, otter) with the introduction of the OTTER eQ. We had a fabulous time exhibiting at the Start-up Circle and met so many great companies with innovative ideas for veterinary medicine. But there was nothing else like the OTTER eQ.

Quorum Sensing Molecule Technology

The use of Quorum Sensing Molecule technology was big news to a lot of the veterinary professionals at the meeting - and the pseudomonas cartridge definitely caught their interest. People were amazed as we demonstrated just how easy it was to use this small, but powerful, device. As I attended CE lectures myself, I can definitely tell you that there is nothing else quite like the otter eQ with the Pseudomonas cartridge out there.

Here are some on-demand CE classes that are still available to you in VMX Virtual that highlight the need for early and accurate detection of Pseudomonas, the conundrum of otitis treatments and the need for responsible antibiotic stewardship in the profession.

Point of Care Bacterial Identification: Quorum Sensing Molecules as the New Standard (QSM Diagnostics)

Sponsored by: QSM Diagnostics

Speakers: Ed Goluch, CEO \ Dr. Amy Bowman, Chief Veterinary Officer, QSM Diagnostics

Antimicrobial Stewardship: A Five Part Discussion

Sponsored by: Zoetis Petcare

Speakers: Maureen Anderson \ Sharon Campbell

Challenging Otitis: How to Conquer Those Tough Cases

Joel Griffies, Animal Dermatology Clinic, Marietta, GA

Otitis Externa: Maximizing Treatment and Long-Term Control Through Cleaning

Speaker: James Noxon, Iowa State University

Otitis Externa: Five Common Reasons Treatment Fail

Speaker :Darren Berger, Iowa State University

I case you lost it, here is the link to 2021 VMX Virtual Conference where you can view all of these videos on demand.

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